This interview was sent in by Brian,
it was originally supposted to appear in the Bitchslap! zine but it never got released, it's from Feb 2000.
thanks to Brian for sending it in.

1) Who came up with the name Leftover Crack? and is there a story behind it?

Welp,as I hazily recall, a few years back I was walking about alphabet city with my friend John on what had become a daily mission for us that winter.
Anyways I don't how it came up,but I thought it was cool 'cuz it was a new oxymoron.
John is dead now, he was a cool mother-fucker in spite of his love of the "jungle-techno" or whatever the kids are calling that Nintendo music.

2) When did Leftover Crack Get started?

I guess the day on ave.B when it was thought of, I already had a lot of the songs writ, ya'know C.V. rejects and Jesus-fuck, is it just me,or am I one boring-ass mother-fucker?

3) How old are you and the rest of the band members?

I turned 24 yesterday, I got blacked-out drunk at the "C"squat, or what-ever the kids are calling it these days. we're mostly in our 20's O.K.!!! Stop yelling at me!!!!!!!!!

4) Is there any release date set for the full length CD? What record company is putting out the disc? What will the album be called?

"Shoot the Kids at School" will be out on Hell-cat records by september...........Hopefully.

5) Is Leftover Crack going to play any show's in support of your new 7" or full length album? If so will Detroit be on the list of stop's?

right now we're playing on April first at the old C-squat & on the 4th at the Knitting factory, I don't know if there'll be any knitting though.

6) Is Leftover Crack based in New York City?


7) Well on the subject of New York, what do you think of Mayor Giuliani?

I think he needs to be assasinated. Could someone please take that fucking asshole out? I mean I can put out a hit on a six year old girl, but this motherfucker's still breathing? come on people, don't be so damn random.

8) How do you feel about the way (the band) Anti-Flag presents their view's of the government and the punk scene as a whole?

I don't know, I seen'em at abc no rio in '93 or somethin',they were good. They're political,right? that's always good

9) How do you feel about the Columbine High school incident last year?

I'm down for the struggle, except for that racist/nazi shit, but who knows if that was a media-fabrication or not? we'll just chalk it up to bored/naive youth, God love "em

10) If you could kill anyone you went to school with, who would it be and why (excluding yourself)?

I don't remember well enough, what with the dropping-out & all. There was this one chick in my 2nd grade class that stole my Jell-o this one time, it would definately have to be her.

11) Were you guy's really homeless or was that just a rumor?

you mean C.V.? Welp, we've each been prolifically homeless in our own right, but we were collectively homeless in S.F. in the summer of '97.
Skwert drummed on buckets by Powell & Market, I panhandled & did the old workfare/welfare garbage,
Shayne drew the view down market st. in chalk on the side-walk to the delight of peoples young & old,
that's his round-about way of pan-handling & Ezra was still just a gleam in his Canadian parents eyes. Come to think of it he might of been born already, but he was probably still a tiny baby & a guitar would have been much to heavy for the little-guy.
We played our best show ever with Huasipungo @ Gilman st. that summer, we had to take the Bart with the old shopping cart & Skwerts big-ass dog Screech, them were fun times.

12) Did Choking Victim break up before or after the release of NO GODS, NO MANAGERS? we broke-up the first day of recording the thing

13) What caused the break up of CV? Are you guy's still friends?

I don't know, stuff? we are great pen-pals