Fifteen Interviews


Jeff Ott Interview Globe Punk.
Jeff Ott, a guy who has lived through just about everything.
From being abused as a kid, living on the streets,
and seeing just about every fucked up thing imaginable.
To being in one of the most important East Bay punk bands,
funding needle exchange, and being extremely active in politics this man has seen it all and done it all.
At the time I was listening to a lot of his later work for the band fifteen,
and figured maybe we should have a conversation about his musical past times and what he has planned for the future music related and what he had been doing on his personal time.
It has been a while since anyone had heard from the guy so I figured I'd give him a shout.

Punk Globe- When you started playing music you were only 12 years old, what influenced you to start?

Jeff- I was actually 4 years old when I started playing instruments and 12 when I started playing in bands, my influence was the fact that I couldn't put it down.

Punk Globe- So were you like one of those people who could just pick up an instrument and know how the sound worked immediately?

Jeff- At first no, but by the time I got to guitar I could just pick it up and play.

Punk Globe- How were you introduced to punk rock music?

Jeff- I was introduced to it by Jesse Michaels, and Aaron Elliot, when I first started playing in Crimpshrine, I wasn't allowed to go to shows up until the 8th grade, and even then I could only go to some.

Punk Globe- You and Jesse have been jamming together for a while, every since you've been about 12, would you say you guys share a similar view on punk rock?

Jeff- Yeah I'd say we share a similar view, but it's pretty hard to get an opinion out of him now these days. As for me, I'm not to sure what to think just feel that people are being introduced to it the wrong way.

Punk Globe- Why do you think that?

Jeff- 15 years ago people would go out and get the music from the actual bands now a days it's just way to commercialized.

Punk Globe- Since the music has become more commercial has it affected your view on punk music?

Jeff- I believe it killed punk rock.

Punk Globe- You had an aggressive vocal style when you were playing in Crimpshrine, why did you switch it up when you started singing for Fifteen.

Jeff- I was actually beginning to lose my voice when I started singing for Fifteen so I kinda had to.

Punk Globe- How was it like playing in a punk band in the 90s compared to the 80s?

Jeff- A lot better, people were more politically active and they weren't as drunk as they were in the 80s.

Punk Globe- During the 80s there was a punk metal cross over, would you say metal influenced the East Bay punk scene?

Jeff- Yeah definitely, at party's and shows I'd run into members of Metallica and Primus all the time including in the East Bay area.