Fifteen/Crimpshrine Archive


Fifteen is a punk rock band. They are also a lot more than that.
The words in their music can stand alone.
They believe in social changes, in questioning the world around you, and in making a difference, not just talking about it.
This is a website dedicated to the words and music that make Fifteen.




Jeff : Guitar and Vocals
Mark Moreno : Drums and Vocals
Jean Repetto : Second Guiat and Vocals

Extra Medium Kick Ball Star(17)

Jeff : Guitar, voice + court date
John : Bass, voice + hesperian
Chris : Drums, voice + monkey

There's No Place Like Home (Good Night)

Chris : Drums, guitar, vocals
Jeff : Guitar, guitar, vocals
John : Bass, guitar, vocals(track 1-3)
Jack : Bass, vocals(track 4-6)
Noah : Harmonica(track 4)
Bart : Guitar, knobs, yeah yeah


Jeff : Guitars, vocals, necklace
Jack : Bass, vocals
Chris : Drums, vocals
Noah : Harmonica


Jeff : Guitar, voice
John : Bass, voice
Chris : Drums, voice

Ain't Life a Drag

Jeff : Guitars, voice, necklace
Jack : Bass, voice
Chris : Drums, voice
Noah : Harmonica

The Choice of a New Generation

Mark : Drums
Lucky : Bass & Vocals
Jeff : Guitar & Vocals

Swain's First Bike Ride

(songs 1-10) Mark Moreno : Drums/Vocals
Jeff Ott : Guitar/Piano/Vocals
Tom Moreno : Bass/Vocals

(songs 11-14) have Mikey Mischief : Drums
Mike Kirsh : Guitar