------- U P D A T E S -------

01:50, 07/25/2022, by Tricksa
No-Ca$h section partly up, lots of missing stuff still.
Ill keep updating it!

01:09, 07/25/2022, by Tricksa
Now working on a No-Ca$h section!

11:44, 06/22/2022, by Tricksa
Wrote some Fifteen chords down, (by ear)
uploadin them right now!
Check them out on Ultimate Guitar.
My UTG Profile
It might still take some time,
cause they havent been approved yet.

10:27, 06/01/2022, by Tricksa
Added the Crimpshrine section,
Added the full Discography
(including comps/splits/7"s)
Added info about every release,
And added some info about the band.
Hope you enjoy,

9:31, 06/01/2022, by Tricksa
Sup everyone, long time no see!
found tons of old Crimpshrine stuff,
so i decided im making a seperate
Crimpshrine section!
Stay tuned :p

8:56, 03/15/2022, by Tricksa
Added My Favs section, and some of my
favourite albums. Have a look!
Im gone for today. cya laterzz.

7:23, 03/15/2022, by Tricksa
Added 2 Jeff Ott Interviews.
Also working on a personal
Favourites section! stay tuned every1.

7:03, 03/15/2022, by Tricksa
Added Fifteen pics. (some crimpshrine era too)
Currently working on the Fifteen Interviews section
Should be up later.

3:40, 03/13/2022, by Tricksa
Added the Fifteen Section
Found tons of photos, and some interviews of Fifteen,
adding them soon!
Thats me for now, later.